Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies


周五,2020年4月3日 - 9:00 AM下午10:00
亨利河大厅卢斯(卢斯),101(礼堂) 看地图
新天堂, CT 06511

The April 3, 2020 conference is a continuation of the 2018 conferences at 耶鲁 on “Brazilian Studies in the U.S.: The Road Ahead.” One of the objectives of these events was to identify specific themes with strong potential for collaboration and development of strategic initiatives. In that context, public health and medicine, an important dimension of those conferences, have been identified as a major 至pic for the Council on Latin American & Iberian Studies’ focus on Brazil.
制度化和在所有研究领域的研究合作的主题将通过ESTA继续这个会议将集中讨论三个具体领域推进:科学数据和建模;环境和环境健康;健康和人权。通过与巴西知名机构协作活动前2018年,谁有好一点的网赌网址领导对话,和2020年的会议将深化对话和关系。 ESTA会议的更广泛的目标是建立在由先前的会议和协作创造探索那公共卫生和医学的巴西,美国,超越边境倡议创建的基础。